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Turn-key projects

We implement complete projects for the production of selected rubber products in accordance with international standards.

To do this, we offer groundbreaking and customized technologies as well as relevant material and product know-how for your products.


The requirements on hoses rise continuously and require individual solutions for production. Here, we offer customized systems for the production of the most varied types of hoses such as hoses for air-conditioning, gasoline, power steering, lube oil, turbo charger, cooler, industrial or hydraulic applications.
These production lines come with all the equipment required, from material feed to reeling or cutting to length, and use automatic diameter control features.


We offer extruders and extrusion dies specifically customized and designed for the production of rubber or silicone sheathed cables, wires or lines. Depending on the material of the sheathing, these production lines can be complemented with infrared or pressureless salt-bath vulcanization systems.
In addition, we will add to these production lines take-up stands or pay-off stands resp., measuring equipment, printers for cable marking, cooling units, magazines or spark testers to your specifications.


Whether you want to produce rubber profiles for use as gaskets or seals in the automobile or construction industries or for medicine or the household, for road construction or shipbuilding - we offer complete extrusion lines that enable you to do so.
Our know-how in terms of appropriate processes, technologies, compounds or die design facilitates the best adjustment of the production lines and guarantees high productivity and operating efficiency.


We offer customized machines and production lines for the preparation of material and the production of semi-finished products.
Extruders made by Rubicon come with special equipment or tools and can be used for the production of the most varied types of blanks such as round cord, rubber strips or plates.


The requirements made on the production lines are as varied as the uses of silicone or its processing. Here, we offer the most varied solutions for the profuction of hoses or profiles from silicone rubber, specifically attuned to your specific requirements.