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Infrared Tunnel for Silicone Cables


The infrared vulcanization tunnel H-IRT 19/2 is used for the vulcanization of silicone covered cables and wires. The cable tunnel is oarticularly suitable for the processing of peroxide and platinum cured silicones.

The modular design allows a flexible combination of several tunnels in a silicone insulation line. For the extension of the treatment channel there is the possibility to combine several tunnels. For multiple throughput of the cable the cable tunnels can be completed flexibly with redirection units at in- and outlet as well as cable guidances between the tunnels.




Infrared Tunnel H-IRT 19/2


Cable line




Infrared Tunnel for Silcone Cable

H-IRT 19/2

Number of radiators


Max. emitter temperature in C


Heated length of emitter in mm


Inlet aperture (Ø) in mm 80
Max. possible throughput 3
Drive positioning unit Electric actuator



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